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"Green Place" strategy refreshed the market – luxurious apartments on attractive prices

Грийн Плейс The summer of 2019 marks an unprecedented stir in housing market in Plovdiv. Demand and supply are fast growing, especially in the presence of quality properties at attractive prices, - comments by the industry's leading real estate agency "Garanti". NSI data for the second quarter show that new buildings increased with 10.5% compared to the same period in 2018.

In the first half of the year, 632 buildings were in exploitation, or with 60 more than in 2018, and 63 sites are in Plovdiv by the second quarter of the year according to NSI.

The main reason for the revival in the sector is the rapid development of Plovdiv and the region as the industrial center of Bulgaria. The establishment of new factories and logistics centers in the region also requires new living spaces and offices. ``Things are connected, except that it is a good investment, a home or office in an elite complex improves the quality of life`` - comments by the real estate agency ``Garanti``. Investors from the two leading construction companies - Ivan Gushkov, the owner of "PODEM" and Stayko Todorov, the owner of "Strom", explain that the new residential complex "Green Place" is a benchmark of modern architecture and high standard, thanks to its  quality and innovative building materials.

Green Place

"Green Place" is located in the greenest part of Plovdiv - near the Rowing Channel and "Leisure and Culture Park", and is also a block away from "The Mall".

The design project is the work of arch. Zhiva Vrancheva and arch. Anton Blagoev from the "Modus Studio". There are 6 residential section with two to four apartments per floor. ``Green Place `` is the first site in Plovdiv completely responding to the new market demand – spacious and luxurious housing. There is an underground parking, with parking spaces for 150 cars. There are also 30 above ground garages - already sold. The courtyard between the sections is designed as a cozy park with places for relax.

Brokers from more than 20 leading real estate agencies were convinced in the quality of the properties on a weekday open-door tour. Austrian bricks were used in the construction – Porotherm, Wienerberger, the exterior plaster - Baumit thermal insulation system, German windows KVE 5-chamber system with multifunctional glass model ``4 seasons``, roof - with German waterproofing Sikaplan 18, ceilings and walls - Knauf gypsum plaster, staircase lighting - with LED technology lamps powered by motion sensors as well as manually.

If you are not decided where and in what to invest or rent, the elite complex has a good selection of apartments and office spaces, and at the moment the prices are extremely attractive``, explains the agent of "Garanti" - Maria Kushleva. All sections, except section C and E /under construction/ are with act 16 / permission to be used/

A Reference shows that in the modern complex are available for rent and sale spacious apartments with two and three bedrooms as well as maisonettes.

"Green Place" also offers a large selection of business premises under construction. "Clients can see offices, a sports center, a hairdressing salon, ateliers. I would say that these are the best prices in relation to high quality" - Maria Kushleva explains.

Podem Ltd and Strom Ltd are currently the companies that have the richest portfolio of ready-to-rent and sale properties. We are definitely among the first in the renting and construction business in Plovdiv, and we are easy to work with because we are correct in the relations with our counterparts - Podem managing director - Ivan Gushkov emphasized to the representatives of leading brokerage agencies.

"Except the elite complex near the Rowing Cannel, we offer apartments for rent on Hasovska Street, Plovdiv" - comments from Garanti Ltd. Take the opportunity to rent a luxury home on an excellent price.The properties are in a new building with very good location and its own parking, all constructed by Podem Ltd three years ago.

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